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Mobile Command Post as a part of varied volume container with automatized deployment mode
Mobile control points

Command and staff functioning support for the purpose for respective function implementation.

The Mobile Command Post is to provide for effective work of both command and staff units for the implementation of their respective functions including but not limited to command and control organization, on-line decision making, collection and processing of data from various sources, complex assessment of situation in close proximity to the object of interest or in the area where specialized activities are being conducted.

Units as parts of varied volume containers with automatized deployment mode.

The Mobile Command Post is a specialized construction, a part of specialized varied volume container equipped with modern IT elements, VTC system, as well as power and life-support system.

Both deployment and dismantling of the Post are automatic and activated by remote control panel powered by the electric system of the vehicle constituting the part upon which the Post is mounted.

One of the main features of the Post is lack of necessity to remove the equipment positioned inside when the Post is being dismantled: all the pieces of equipment are collapsible and can be left in their original places ready for further functioning.

There are specialized hatches provided for ease of access to any of the systems. Those hatches significantly facilitate maintenance procedures in electrical engines and automatized deployment/dismantling systems.

The main functions:
- Transportation and support of function-execution of respective officers;
- Provision of respective officers with work places in compliance with modern requirements;
- Comfortable environment for effective and efficient function execution.для эффективной работы.

The Post is equipped with both power and life-support systems (lighting, filter-ventilation system, automatized micro-climate system).

Additional pieces of equipment that can be installed as a part of the Post include:
- Interactive data display and processing means (digital projector, 65-inch touchscreen, each work place has a PC unit installed);
- Telephone-based communication means. имеется компьютер).

Tasks fulfilled via the Post:
Data collection, processing, visualization and transfer by means of IT;
Individual and collective data processing with subsequent development of command decisions;
Solution of information- and analysis-based problems by means of specialized software.

Additional construction and maintenance information:
Absolute “information space”, as an instrument of troop command effectiveness and efficiency improvement.

“Increased cross-terrain mobility” in direct sense of mobility quality.

Absolute resistance to any external disturbances of equipment and furniture supplied.