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Mobile medical center based on a variable-volume container with an automated deployment method
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The mobile medical center is designed to provide qualified medical (surgical, anesthesiology, resuscitation, diagnostic) assistance to the wounded and sick during combat operations and emergency situations in any terrain and climatic conditions.

A mobile medical center is a constructive product on the basis of a specialized container of variable volume, equipped with modern information and communication technologies, a video conferencing network, as well as a power supply and life support system.

Deployment and collapse of the structure is carried out automatically using the remote control from the on-board network of the vehicle on which the structure is located (24 W).

The design feature is that all the equipment located in the medical center is portable and when folding the container remains inside assembled.

For ease of maintenance of electric motors and mechanisms of an automated deployment and folding system, access hatches are provided on the bottom of the container.

The item is installed on the chassis of a KamAZ car with high traffic and maneuverability.